City of Binghamton, New York

Binghamton Recognized For Fighting Blight By National Demolition Association


(BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) — Mayor Richard C. David today announced the City of Binghamton is the first-ever charter government member of the National Demolition Association (NDA), an organization with 600 industry leaders.

“NDA opened this new membership category to meet our needs and support our efforts to combat blight and improve neighborhoods,” said Mayor David. “We’re clearing the way for new growth and development in Binghamton and hope to serve as a model for other municipalities in running successful demolition programs. Blight is often a barrier for community development programs. We’ve stepped up to break down those barriers, enhance property values and eliminate harbors for criminal activity.”

The National Demolition Association provides members with tools and best practices in the areas of environmental stewardship, safety and education, and works to raise public awareness of the economic and societal benefits of demolition.

The National Demolition Association also publishes DEMOLITION Magazine, which covers management and regulatory news and highlights projects by NDA members.

The organization developed the charter government member category to support the City and its aggressive approach to combating blight.

“Binghamton is on the cutting edge of blight removal strategies and tackling complex demolition projects,” said NDA President, Scott Knightly. “We’re excited to develop this new category to support Mayor David and the City of Binghamton as our first government member ever. We’re excited to welcome the City of Binghamton into the NDA community and to connect them with fellow industry leaders across the U.S. and Canada.”

Since 2014, the David Administration has demolished 59 blighted buildings in areas across Binghamton. In addition to tearing down vacant residential eyesores, the City has tackled a number of high-profile demolition projects, including the Collier St. Parking Garage, the old public works facility on Brandywine Ave., and the former Magic City Ice building on Front St. A project to tear down the former Big Lots Plaza at 435 State St. will begin this summer.

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