City of Binghamton, New York

Blueprint Binghamton: Forward Together

In addition to our external, independent Blueprint Binghamton website, members of the public can also access information on Binghamton's new Comprehensive Plan on this page.

In 2012, the City of Binghamton, along with a steering committee made up of almost 30 community members, embarked on a two-year planning process to rewrite the City's 2003 Comprehensive Plan. The 2014 Blueprint Binghamton: Forward Together Comprehensive Plan was adopted on August 4, 2014. 

Public input for the Plan was collected via traditional meetings, a citywide survey, interviews and focus groups, a series of community discussions, a project website, social media, and open house events held at the project design studio located in the former First National Bank at 49 Court Street. Thousands of residents and visitors of the City of Binghamton participated in the planning process between fall 2012 and spring 2014. This project included a special focus on youth outreach since this population is often left out of traditional planning processes. 

The Plan is divided up into seven mini-plans including: Economic Development, Housing, Transportation, Infrastructure, Environment & Open Space, Land Use & Zoning, and Community Building. Each mini-plan includes an analysis of existing conditions and summary of key issues, an overview of community input, a series of goals and objectives that relate to the overall vision of the plan, and a set of recommendations or strategies including policy changes and action steps to help guide implementation. 

2014 Comprehensive Plan [adopted August 1, 2014]

01 Executive Summary
02 Introduction, Planning Process, Vision & Plan Overview
03 Economic Development Mini-Plan
04 Housing Mini-Plan
05 Transportation Mini-Plan
06 Infrastructure Mini-Plan
07 Environment and Open Space Mini-Plan
08 Land Use and Zoning Mini-Plan
09 Community Building Mini-Plan
10 Action Plan
11 Appendix: Acknowledgements
12 Main & Court Corridor Charrette Report

Main & Court Corridor Zoning

The draft Main & Court Corridor Zoning Code can be accessed at the link below. This legislation is currently under review and will not be voted on at the July City Council meeting. Additional information is being collected and the Code will be revised before it goes to Council for consideration.

Main & Court Corridor Zoning Code

Hard copies of the plans are also available for review at the front desks of the City of Binghamton’s Planning, Housing and Community Development Department, the City of Binghamton Clerk's Office, and the Broome County Public Library.

Residential Market Analysis

A residential market analysis was prepared for this project. This report examines demographic, economic, demand, and supply factors that influenced development initiatives incorporated into the Blueprint Binghamton Comprehensive Plan. 

Residential Market Analysis

New York State Environmental Quality Review Act Process

A copy of documents prepared in accordance with the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) for this project are located on the Blueprint Binghamton SEQR page.

You can learn more about Blueprint Binghamton and all of the work which has gone into this project at our project website -