City of Binghamton, New York

Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)


Established by City Council in 1984, the Community Development Advisory Committee is the official citizen participation body that is involved in each year's planning process to represent the needs and interests of City of Binghamton residents. The Committee's composition includes 11 members – one member appointed from each Council District, one member appointed by the Council body, and three members appointed by the Mayor. Please call the Mayor's Office or the Councilperson of your district if you are a City of Binghamton resident interested in serving as a CDAC member.

In accordance with Chapter 18, Article XIV of the Code of the City of Binghamton, the Community Development Advisory Committee is composed of eleven members, one member appointed by each City Council member as a representative of their individual Council districts, one member appointed by City Council as a whole, and three members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Binghamton. In addition, the City Council Majority and Minority Leaders and the Mayor of the City of Binghamton serve as Ex-Officio (non-voting) members.

Members Appointed Expiration Appointed By
Mary Ann Callahan 12/18/2017 12/31/2019 City Council, 1st District
LaToya Foster 1/24/2019 12/31/2020 City Council, 2nd District
Menailaos Samaras 12/18/2017 12/31/2019 City Council, 3rd District
Majeedah Razzaq 1/7/2019 12/31/2020 City Council, 4th District
Brett Pornbeck 3/13/2019 12/31/2019 City Council, 5th District
Karl Bernhardsen 2/8/2019 12/31/2020 City Council, 6th District
Jerry Kunkle, Vice-Chair 1/10/2018 12/31/2019 City Council, 7th District
JoAnne Hanrahan 11/19/2018 12/31/2020 Mayoral Appointment
Debra Hogan  11/19/2018 12/31/2020 Mayoral Appointment
Kelly Weiss, Secretary 5/15/2018 12/31/2019 Mayoral Appointment
Edward Hickey, Chair 12/28/2018 12/31/2020 City Council, At Large
Richard C. David, Mayor (Ex-Officio) n/a n/a City Charter & Code
Council Member & Majority Appointment (Ex-Officio) n/a n/a City Charter & Code
Council Member & Minority Appointment (Ex-Officio) n/a n/a City Charter & Code

Meetings are typically held on the 4th Floor of City Hall in the Planning, Housing, and Community Development Conference Room.  Please check the calendar or the links below for dates, times, and agendas.

Due to security issues, if a member of the public wishes to attend, please contact by 4:00 PM the night of the meeting in order for arrangements to be made in order for you to attend.