City of Binghamton, New York

Building Construction

Permitting and Inspection Services

The Building Construction group enforces the New York State Code and local laws which govern the planning, design, construction and alteration of new and existing structures. 

Our principal service is provided under the Building Permit Program for residential, commercial and institutional occupancies. This program conforms to statewide standards established by the New York Department of State Codes Division and the International Codes Council.

Click here to obtain detailed information about the Building Permit Program, or to determine whether a permit is required for your project. 

Other services available from the Building Construction group include:

Technical guidance/interpretation. Assistance with project planning and design development.
Compliance inspection of unsafe structures. Assess fire damage or structural deficiency in existing structures.
Skilled trade licensing. Facilitate testing for and licensing of the plumbing and electrical trades.

The Building Construction staff is comprised of four New York State certified code officials: Supervisor of Building Construction, Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector and Electrical Inspector. Administrative and field inspection services provided by our code professionals help ensure that newly constructed work is installed in general compliance with applicable codes.