City of Binghamton, New York

Can a homeowner do his own electrical work?

Yes,  with certain limitations, in accordance with Code of Ordinances, § 225-6.B. as below:
B.            Notwithstanding any other restrictions, the owner-occupant or intended owner-occupant of residential real property shall make application for an electrical permit to make alterations or repairs to the electrical system on said real property consisting of one, two or three dwelling units without being required to obtain a license as a master electrician for said electrical work. This provision shall in no way authorize a person to perform electrical work outside of property owned by said person or on property containing more than three dwelling units, mixed use, or nonresidential property. Electrical work shall be limited to electrical wiring within the dwelling units, excluding service entrance cable and electrical panel, to accessory structures (i.e., garages and pools), and exterior fixtures located on such property, excluding electrical service entrance cable and electrical panel. The electrical work shall be subject to inspection by the City of Binghamton Electrical Inspector or his or her successor or designee.

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