City of Binghamton, New York

Master C Electrician License Application

A Master Electrician's license, Class C, authorizes a licensee to engage in the business of master electrician in the City, but only for the purpose of undertaking, performing and completing a single continuous job or installation at one location or property.

A Master Electrician, Class C, is permitted to supervise the electrical work for which the Class C license was issued. The Class C master electrician is required to be on the job at all times when electrical work is being done. A City of Binghamton licensed journeyman or a Class B journeyman may supervise the electrical work in lieu of a Class C master electrician.

A Master Electrician, Class license may be issued to a person holding a current master electrician's license from a municipality whose licensing program is recognized by the City of Binghamton Board of Electrical Examiners. Examination is not required. The Board reserves the right to request such documentation as may be required to establish and substantiate qualifications.

The fee for a Master Electrician, Class C license is

If necessary, a Master Electrician, Class C license may be renewed, prior to expiration, for the period of time necessary to complete the job for which it is issued. Renewal fee applies.