City of Binghamton, New York

Information Services

Department Overview

Information Services provides operational support to all City departments in the acquisition, use and maintenance of computers, data networking equipment, and software.  The department staff works closely with remote sites (such as DPW, Fire, and Parks) ensuring that all departments are able to connect and share information, and access internet services as required.

Focal points of this department are:

  • Security
  • Data Storage
  • Software Installation & Maintenance
  • Hardware Installation & Maintenance
  • User Training
  • Web Design
  • Wireless Technology
  • Networking and Servers
  • WAN/LAN Implementation & Maintenance
  • Help Desk

Information Services Accomplishments Include:

  • Dramatic overhaul of website to create a "virtual city hall"
  • Complete overhaul and upgrade of City Hall phone system
  • Digital upgrade of tax map parcels
  • Upgrade of workstation computers to uniform operating system and office software
  • Connection of all remote facilities (fire stations, senior centers & public works buildings) to city network
  • Upgrade of case management software in law department
  • Upgrade of livescan fingerprint system in police department
  • Purchase and installation of fire department record keeping software
  • Implementation of online payment option for water/sewer bills
  • Implementation of online payment option for parking tickets
  • Implementation of online service request system for constituents
  • Addition of assessment database to website
  • Addition of property photos to online assessment database
  • On-going software training for employees 
  • Implementation and use of project management, collaboration and task software
  • Installation of "Rip and Run" capability at all fire stations (printout of details of 911 call that firefighters can take into field)
  • Upgrade of software system in City Clerk & Vital Statistics
  • Installation and implementation of fire department record keeping software
  • Purchase and implementation of electronic parking ticket system
  • Purchase of water/billing software
  • Purchase of accounting, treasury, cashiering, and purchasing software
  • Purchase of payroll system
  • Establishment of permanent training center for on-going employee computer training 
  • Purchase of GIS-based public works software
  • Connection of all remote facilities to city network
  • Implementation of water/sewer billing software
  • Implementation of accounting, treasury, cashiering, and purchasing software
  • Implementation of payroll system
  • Installation of mobile data terminals in fire trucks to allow greater information access in route to calls
  • Implementation of a GIS-based public works software that will improve asset-management, enhance the delivery of services, and increase workforce productivity
  • Implementation of Building Code Enforcement software

Upcoming Objectives:

  • Adding online payment option for various licenses, permits, fees, fines & violations
  • Move toward full transparency by further developing the website
  • Establishment of backup computer center

Consolidation / Shared Services Projects include:

  • Consolidation of tax collection and enforcement to Broome County
  • Consolidation of Geographical Information Services to Broome County
  • Consolidation of assessment database with county to eliminate duplicate entry being done by City and County
  • Consolidate police records systems to Broome County