City of Binghamton, New York

Curb and Sidewalk Assistance Application


The 2020 Curb & Sidewalk Assistance Program provides financial assistance to property owners seeking to construct or reconstruct sidewalks and curbs along their properties and within the City right-of-way.  The City will pay the contractor as based on a maximum unit price established each year by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment.  In the 2021 Construction Season, the City has allotted $4.25 per square foot of 5 foot wide sidewalk, $4.50 per square foot of 6 foot wide sidewalk, and $17.50 per linear foot of curb and curb gutter.  All contracts are to be negotiated between the property owner and the contractor.

ELIGIBILTY:  Once the application has been received by the City’s Engineering Department, an Engineering Inspector will evaluate the property to determine the number of square feet of sidewalk and/or linear feet of curb that are eligible for the Assistance Program.  In a letter to the property owner, the City will then identify the eligible work and the associated amount to be issued to the contractor once the work has been completed and inspected by the Engineering Department.  Any variances to the approved work must be authorized by the City Engineer proper to starting the improvements. 

PAYMENTS: The contractor must submit an itemized statement of all work performed, related costs, and all payments received from the property owner.  A check will then be sent directly to the contractor.

HISTORY:  The Curb & Sidewalk Assistance Program was introduced in the 1970’s to assist property owners with the cost of maintaining their sidewalks and curbs.  Although it is the responsibility of the property owners to maintain and repair the sidewalks that border their properties, this program underscores the concept that sidewalks and curbs in good condition benefit the entire neighborhood.

DEADLINE AND LINKS:  Applications for the Curb & Sidewalk Assistance Program must be submitted in time for the contractor to apply for a Street Work Permit. Permits are only issued between April 1st, 2021 and October 31st, 2021