City of Binghamton, New York

Binghamton Fire Department Fallen Heroes

23 brave City of Binghamton firefighters have lost their lives in the line of duty:

Firefighter John M. Janos - April 6, 2013

FF John M. Janos

FF John Janos suffered a heart attack and passed away in the early morning hours, shortly after returning to the station from an alarm at 23 Henry St. FF Janos had climbed five stories in full gear to investigate the alarm.

Firefighter Gerald F. Mullins - January 8, 1994

FF Gerald F. Mullins

FF Mullins became ill and passed away in front of the Veterans Memorial Arena, just after working a grueling day on the fire ambulance in heavy snow conditions.

Chief Donald E. Faughnan - May 1, 1987

Assistant Chief Donald E. Faughnan

A/C Donald Faughnan died of health problems caused by exposure to PCB's at the State Office Building fire on February 5, 1982. A/C Faughnan was in charge of fighting this fire.

Firefighter Francis E. Furch - December 31, 1977

Firefighter Francis E. Furch

FF Furch died  as a result of inhaling deadly fumes from a copier fire at the office of vital statistics in City Hall. He became ill at the station after the fire call and passed away at home the next day.

Captain Donald W. McGeever - September 29, 1975

Captain Donald W. McGeever

Capt. Donald McGeever along with Chief John Cox drowned during an effort to find FF John Russell's body at the Rockbottom dam.

Chief John F. Cox - September 29, 1975

Chief John F. Cox

Chief John Cox  along with Capt. John McGeever drowned during an effort to find FF John Russell's body at the Rockbottom dam.

Firefighter John C. Russell - September 28, 1975

Firefighter John C. Russell

FF Russell drowned during an attempt to rescue two occupants of a capsized raft at the Rockbottom dam on the Susquehanna River. Two other firefighters were rescued after the fire rescue boat flipped over. Chief John Cox and Capt. John McGeever drowned the next day.

Lieutenant Clyde E. Johns - October 24, 1970

Lieutenant Clyde E. Johns

Lieutenant Johns died after collapsing  while fighting a 2 alarm fire that caused major damage to a restaurant supply company, Prescott Equipment Service, at 477 Court St.

Captain Lawrence E. O'Hara - January 13, 1967

Captain Lawrence E. O'Hara

Captain O'Hara died after being overcome by smoke from a fire at 2 Tremont Ave.

Training Instructor James M. Sullivan - November 10, 1962

T/I (Training Instructor) James M. Sullivan

T/I Sullivan died while fighting a fire at the Mutual Furniture Co., located at 171 Main St. T/I Sullivan was a ranking officer and was not included in the buddy system, which was a way for firefighters to keep in contact with each other at the fire. He was not reported missing until the next day when his body was found in the basement.

Firefighter Jerome P. Ryan - September 3, 1951

Firefighter Jerome P. Ryan

FF Ryan died while fighting a huge fire at the old State Armory Building on Washington St, across from the Forum Theater. This was a million dollar fire; units from the City of Binghamton as well as Johnson City and Endicott helped fight this large fire.

Firefighter Arnold B. Shephard - February 5, 1951

Firefighter Arnold B. Shephard

FF Shephard became ill shortly after fighting a fire at 6 Livingston St. After resting at home, he was again stricken with illness, ultimately resulting in his death. Smoke, stress, and exhaustion from fighting the fire were attributed to his death. FF Shephard was 38.

Chief Arthur J. Dillon - March 7,1946

Chief Arthur J. Dillon

Chief Dillon collapsed  and died in City Hall after having responded to a fire.

Firefighter James W. McCarthy - October 8, 1940

Firefighter James W. McCarthy

FF James McCarthy's death was ruled a heart attack due to stress on his body after fighting a fire earlier in the day.

Firefighter Joseph Henehan - October 31, 1938

FF Henehan responded to an intense fire at Asylum Hill, Box 666 on October 26, 1937 at 6:52am. He received life-threatening injuries, and was bedridden for almost a year. FF Joseph Henehan died at the Veterans' Home in Bath, NY on October 31, 1938.

Firefighter William S. Kennedy - April 29, 1929

Firefighter William S. Kennedy

FF Kennedy was crushed to death from a collapsed wall while fighting a 3 alarm fire at the Jean Marie Garage on 275 Chenango St located across from St. Paul’s Church.

Chief Charles VanCleve - January 16, 1929

Battalion Chief Charles Van Cleve

Chief Van Cleve died after being overcome by smoke at a fire at the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. at 218 Clinton St. Chief Van Cleve was to retire later that year.

Firefighter William T. Moran - September 17, 1928

FF Moran was killed while responding to a fire at 48 Grand Blvd. He was thrown from the back of Engine #2 at the corner of Schiller St and Grand Blvd as the engine rounded the corner. He was driven to the hospital in the chief's car, and was pronounced dead on arrival from head injuries.

Firefighter H. Clair Brainard - March 25, 1925

Firefighter H. Clair Brainard

FF Brainard died while fighting a fire at 155 Washington St, ”The Coffee Den”. FF Brainard was trapped when a floor collapsed, pinning him under a large beam in the basement where he drowned before rescuers could reach him.

Captain William Ford - October 29, 1915

Captain William Ford of E7

Captain Ford died at the age of 27, one week after inhaling smoke and super-heated gases while fighting a fire at Ballard and Ballard Dry Cleaning, located at 24 Charlotte St. It is now Dunn and McCarthy's.

Firefighter Joseph E. Muggleton - June 14, 1914

Firefighter Joseph E. Muggleton

FF Muggleton was killed fighting a fire at Hayes Boat house. This was located at the corner of Hawley St and Emerson Pl on the Susquehanna River. His neck was broken when the boat house collapsed on him and several other firefighters. He was 30 years old.

Captain Walter Howell - March 5, 1914

Captain Walter Howell, Combination Hose Co. #4

Captain Howell was killed when a large plate glass window fell on him while fighting a fire at the Babcock, Hinds, and Underwood Store, a large four story building that ran from 174 Washington St to 120 State St.

Firefighter Francis J. Haher - September 26, 1898

FF Haher was the first City of Binghamton firefighter killed in the line of duty. FF Haher was fighting a large barn fire at 21 Warren St. A hose line was in the building hitting the fire when suddenly a large beam fell, broke and released a huge pile of wet hay. The weight of the beam and hay broke FF Haher’s neck. He was 23 years old.