City of Binghamton, New York

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


The EMS Division provides training, supplies, record keeping and support to the men and women of the Binghamton Fire Department. The fire department operates both basic life support (BLS) first response services from our five fire stations and advanced life support (ALS) transport at the Paramedic level using our ambulance located at Fire Headquarters.

In 2019 the Binghamton Fire Department responded to nearly 8,200 EMS calls and transported around 3,000 patients to area hospitals.

The EMS office ensures that members receive all necessary training and retain their various certifications that allow them to operate in a medical capacity. Members are either Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or Paramedics. We also ensure that all state and local mandates are met or exceeded.

The EMS office is given a budget to work with every year and all necessary medical supplies are procured using these funds. A necessary stock of medical equipment must be kept on hand in order to keep units in service and ready to respond to any emergency. The EMS division also acts as a liaison between the fire department and the community, hospitals, physicians and state and local EMS agencies.

Calling for Assistance

Citizens calling for assistance are sent a first response medic SUV with three firefighters and an ambulance with one EMT and one Paramedic. All medic SUV’s and fire trucks are well equipped with oxygen, automated external defibrillators, splinting equipment and different medications.

Billing Inquiries

For billing inquiries regarding services provided, contact Intermedix Billing Company (888)980-9318.