City of Binghamton, New York

How do apply for CAUD approval?

The first step to meet with the Historic Preservation Planner, who can go over your proposed plan and provide some guidance on what might be acceptable.  The next step is to fill out a CAUD Design Review Application, which can be downloaded from CAUD section of the Planning, Housing, and Community Development website.  Submit your completed application to the Historic Preservation Planner, along with copies of architectural drawings, photographs of the property, product samples or brochures, or any other materials necessary for CAUD to make proper review (consult with the Historic Preservation Planner as to what materials may be required for your specific project).  The more detailed information you can provide the Commission, the easier and quicker they will be able to reach a decision.  After you submit your application materials, city staff will review them for completeness and submit a report to CAUD, detailing the proposal and staff findings.  The application will be reviewed at the monthly CAUD meeting (held the last Tuesday of every month, at 12:00 noon, in the Planning Conference Room, 4th Floor, City Hall).  You are highly encouraged to attend this meeting so you can address any concerns the Commission has in person.

Historic Preservation