City of Binghamton, New York

North Side CARES Vision Plan

In 2002 the North Side Communities of Shalom, the Department of Planning, Housing, and Community Development, and students and faculty from Cornell University and SUNY-ESF began a community engagement process to understand the strengths and challenges of the North Side community.  This Vision Plan seeks to educate us about the North Side now and in the future.  It is a tool for advising the City of Binghamton about the issues we face, what we need, and what proposals to make for future change.  The following vision was developed as part of the community engagement process.  

The North Side of Binghamton will become a stronger community living in diversity, growing in unity, and sharing a common experience of safety, beauty, and opportunity.  A plan for the North Side will affirm the lives and dignity of all people who live here, foster inter-generational relationships, celebrate diversity, and strengthen neighborhood unity.

The North Side CARES Vision Plan is available through the link to the right.