City of Binghamton, New York

Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Planning, Housing and Community Development Department is composed of dedicated employees who are responsible for the development and implementation of the City’s current and long range development standards and policies. The Planning Division serves as advisory staff to the citizens who make up the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, the Commission on Architecture and Urban Design (CAUD), the Shade Tree Commission, and the Waterfront Advisory Committee. 

The Planning Division works collaboratively with all members of our community to articulate a vision for the future of Binghamton, and works to implement this vision creating a vibrant and sustainable community for the benefit of both current and future generations. For information on how we can assist with your project development, please visit our Development Review Services page.

The Planning Division provides a broad range of services to City residents, property owners, business owners, developers, elected officials, and other City departments. Among the areas in which the division is active are: site plan review; neighborhood planning; long-range planning; historic preservation; climate change; community design and amenity/quality of life; information management (i.e., mapping); and grants development and administration.

Downtown Parking Study

In February of 2015, the City of Binghamton and the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study selected Nelson/Nygaard to develop a comprehensive downtown parking study. The study began in June of 2015 and incorporated both data gathering and public outreach to identify existing/future parking supply/demand, the impact of alternative transportation and new strategies to mitigate any deficiencies.

Ultimately, the firm identified over 10,000 parking spaces downtown; Approximately 90% are off-street, 10% are on-street and 70% are restricted spaces. In terms of availability, parking is only 50% full and even during peak times (lunch hour) parking is 80% full. Nelson/Nygaard recommended technological updates to make parking more convenient.

For more information, the full final public presentation can be found here.

Preferred Sustainability Status (PSS)

Blueprint Binghamton is being funded by a nearly $500,000 grant award from the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities. By securing this award, the city has been designated a “Preferred Sustainability Status” (PSS) community by the federal partnership (HUD-DOT-EPA). Among other things, this exclusive designation can earn the city and our partners additional points when submitting applications to certain federal grant programs.

If you are preparing an application to a federal agency—specifically HUD, EPA, or DOT—we may be able to certify that your project is consistent with our PSS guidelines and make you eligible for these additional points. Please complete the city’s PSS Certification Form and submit to the Planning Department.

To learn more about PSS communities, of which there are only about 90 nationwide, please visit HUD's website.