City of Binghamton, New York

Detective Division

The Detective Division is responsible for investigating all crimes that occur in the City of Binghamton. All units of the Detective Division are under the leadership of the Detective Captain. The Detective Division includes five units:

Composed of eight investigators and four supervisors. All members receive additional training in interviewing techniques and crime investigation. Each investigator does an outstanding job in following all leads to close every case possible by making an arrest, if warranted.

Identification Unit
The Identification Unit is a viable division of the detective bureau and is responsible for all crime scene processing and evidence handling. The Unit is made up of three investigators. The investigators receive special training in Crime Scene Processing such as fingerprint analysis and evidence handling and storage. The Unit has received federal grants that have allocated the funds to provide the Unit with a Crime Scene Processing van and new technology to increase solvability factors.

Juvenile Division
The Juvenile Division is composed of two investigators. The Division handles all crime and investigations that involve a minor (under 16 years of age). The Division works closely with all Binghamton schools and parents to help deter additional crimes and rehabilitate juveniles to become productive adults in the community.

All crimes charged against juveniles are prosecuted in Broome County Family Court. The Division also works hand and hand with the Probation Department to follow the youth’s progress and behavior after the charges have been filed.

Special Investigation Unit
The Binghamton Special Investigation Unit is composed of two Supervisors and six investigators. In an effort to become more efficient in enforcing drug laws the Binghamton Police joined forces with the Broome County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit in 2004 forming the Special Investigation Task Force.

The Mission Statement of the Task Force is to effectively address threats arising from, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Narcotics
  • Vice – including prostitution and gambling
  • Gang activity
  • ABC violations (Alcohol Beverage Control)

Warrant Unit
The Warrant Division is composed of a supervisor and a patrol officer. The division focuses on arresting individuals that are fugitives from justice or have an active bench or arrest warrant issued by a Judge for their arrest. If you have any information on an individual that has an active warrant for their arrest or is a fugitive from justice, you can contact the Warrant Division at (607) 772-7044