City of Binghamton, New York

Event Permit


The issuance of an Event Permit may allow for the exclusive and reserved use of a designated area or portion of City property, including streets, parks or other public property, excluding carousels and pools, for concerts, festivals, weddings, processions, races, parades, protests, marches, block parties, fundraisers, sales, camping and/or other social gatherings. This section includes, but is not limited to, those activities which would allow the following:

  • The closure of one or more street for the purpose of limiting vehicular traffic;
  • The placement of platforms, stages, tents, tables, chairs and/or grandstands upon City property;
  • The operation of cooking apparatuses on City property;
  • The sale of food, beverages, goods and/or other merchandise on City property;
  • The consumption of alcohol on City property; and
  • Access to City electricity and/or water service. (You must contact DPW to set up service)

For more information on Event Permits, please review Chapter 327 of the Code of the City of Binghamton. 

Use of City Parks

If you wish to reserve a City park for your event, please contact the Department of Parks & Recreation before submitting an Event Permit application to confirm availability. 


Submission of an Event Permit application does not guarantee approval of the event, the proposed location or any other details contained within the Event Permit application.

Must be submitted 35 days prior to the event, otherwise $20 per day late fees will be added. NO EXCEPTIONS.