City of Binghamton, New York

Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

The City previously offered two grant opportunities open to Binghamton residents and business owners interested in implementing green infrastructure projects. All funding through these grants has been allocated or expended.

50/50 Stormwater Management Fund 
Green Stormwater & Landscaping Matching Fund

Please see the descriptions of the grant funds previously available and the applications below for more details. 

50/50 Stormwater Management Fund

The 50/50 Stormwater Management Fund, funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Federation Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund, assisted landowners in implementing green infrastructure practices to fulfill and exceed requirements set forth in a Erosion Control and Stormwater Ordinance.   

Eligible Projects
Eligible projects are those located within the City of Binghamton and subject to Chapter 227, Urban Runoff Reduction Plan requirements, and have been, or will be, designed to exceed the stormwater retention and management requirements set forth in Chapter 227. Projects will be chosen based on their location, overall project plan and the potential number of GI practices that can be achieved.

Training Event

The City of Binghamton hosted a no-cost training event on June 10th 2014 from 10am to 3pm to share the incentive program for landowners and developers to implement Green Infrastructure practices throughout the City. Applications have been reviewed and awards have been allocated. No further applications will be accepted at this time. Click here for more information. 

50/50 Matching Fund Application

Green Stormwater and Landscaping Management Fund

The Green Stormwater and Landscaping Matching Fund (GSLMF) was made possible by a grant of $48,500 from a local community foundation. The GSLMF was created to help homeowners and businesses pursue small green infrastructure projects that will contribute to the City’s resilience to flooding and help improve water quality.

Eligible Applicants
The GSLMF is open to residential property owners, non-profits, and small business owners in the City of Binghamton. For the purposes of this project, a small business is defined as a privately owned company generally employing 100 or fewer employees. Applicants must own the property under consideration for a grant or have the property owner submit the application. 

Eligible Projects
[Note: the list of example projects below is not an exhaustive list of eligible projects. Applicants are encouraged to think creatively about how their properties can be used to meet the goals identified in the GSLMF application].

  • Projects must be implemented on property within the City of Binghamton.
  • Total project area should be less than 5,000 square feet.
  • Example projects include:
    • Replacement of impervious surfaces with climate appropriate landscaping;
    • Installation of pervious asphalt or pervious paver systems;
    • Planting of shade trees;
    • Installation of rain barrels and rain gardens.

The City has expended all funding of the GSLMF.