City of Binghamton, New York

Mayor David Announces Changes To Public Works Department To Maximize Service To Residents In Winter: Plan Involves Changes To Friday Garbage and Recycling Collection Citywide


CITY OF BINGHAMTON, NY- Mayor Richard C. David today announced a new effort to maximize service to residents during winter months by changing the Public Works Department “second shift” personnel.


In Fall 2013 the City created a “second shift” in the Public Works Department that works from 6:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. The main purpose of the second shift was to provide a quicker response for snow events. In the absence of snow there were minimal additional responsibilities which resulted in considerable down time for second shift personnel.


“The City must make smart strategic decisions with its limited resources and there is a lot of work that can be done overnight when it’s not snowing,” said David. “This is an ongoing collaboration with the DPW personnel who are receptive and responsive to the new Administration’s concerns, and I thank them for their new efforts.”


Second shift personnel will now have other duties such as making hot asphalt for pothole patching, responding to isolated snow and ice problems, equipment maintenance, collecting shopping carts and picking up garbage across the City. This is a first ever kind of initiative for the City that will take place on an on-going basis during the winter.


This change will affect garbage collection on Friday’s. Residents are asked to set their garbage and recycling at the curb between 6 PM and 8PM on Thursday night.


“Collecting the garbage and recycling on Thursday night allows the City to devote more Friday crews to pothole repairs,” said Mayor David. “Instead of one crew fixing potholes we will have three on every Friday during the winter. This Friday effort is in addition to the emergency waves of pothole repairs I initiated earlier this month.”


In addition to more crews available for pothole repair on Friday’s the City will also be able to re-allocate more resources to pothole repairs on Mondays.   Now that yard waste collection has been suspended for the winter and most of the Christmas Trees have been collected, the City will refocus tree crews on repairing potholes on Mondays.


If you miss the collection time or it is not possible to get the garbage and recycling to the curb during those hours, the City will still have a crew for garbage collection on Friday morning. This crew will pick up what was missed on Thursday night. This change in the collection schedule was started two weeks ago as a pilot program. The program achieved immediate success and will continue until March 27, 2014 when the second shift ends with the snow season.


The Mayor also applauded the efforts of new DPW Commissioner Holmes, his staff, and the entire Public Works Department for spearheading this effort and coming together.


The City appreciates resident’s cooperation with this change. Anyone with questions or who requires additional information can contact the Department of Public works at 607-772-7021 or on the City website at, click on the icon at the top that says request a service.