City of Binghamton, New York

Mayor David Announces Plan For Comprehensive Downtown Parking Study


CITY OF BINGHAMTON, NY- Mayor Richard C. David today announced a plan to initiate a comprehensive parking study for downtown Binghamton. The City will work with the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) which is expected to split the roughly $100,000 parking study cost with the City.


“Initiating a parking study is an issue I talked about at length last summer, was part of my infrastructure plan and a project I had already planned to immediately start in January 2014,” said David. “I have chosen not to select any of the proposals solicited by the previous Administration because I believe the process put in place in December was thrown together, with no funds allocated, and is ultimately not in the best interest of the City. By putting in place a more well thought out process, I have already saved City taxpayers approximately $50,000 and am working with an  organization that already has much of the data needed, is familiar with Binghamton’s parking challenges and needs, and has a great deal of expertise needed to help the City select a qualified firm.”


In December 2013, the previous Administration initiated a Request for Qualified (RFQ) firms for companies to conduct a study without allocating any funding. David equated the attempt in the final month of the outgoing administration as nothing more than a public relations maneuver, when the reality is no action was taken in eight years to address the issue.   


On Wednesday, January 29th the City received proposals from five (5) firms who responded to the December 2013 RFQ. They are: Tim Haahs Associates, Danielle DeCharles, C&S Engineers, QPK Design and Desman Associates.


BMTS will assist the City in creating an effective and professional scope of work, create a realistic time frame to respond, help select a consultant and assist the City is overseeing the study to ensure all goals are met.