City of Binghamton, New York

Mayor David Initiates Vetting Process To Appoint City Court Judge: Judge Lehmann Will Offically Retire April 4th & Mayor Appoints Replacement


(BINGHAMTON, NY) Mayor Richard C. David today announced he has initiated the process to identify qualified candidates to fill the position of City Court Judge.


Mayor David was notified January 10th that current City Court Judge Mary Anne Lehmann will retire effective April 4th, 2014. Mayor David is responsible for appointing a replacement to the position, and then an election for the permanent City Court Judge position will be held in November 2014. 


“I am looking for qualified candidates that have a wide breadth of experience with issues that come before City Court,” said Mayor David. “City Court deals with a variety of important issues and cases must be expedited quickly and fairly based on the law, so it’s equally important the candidate be able to effectively handle and process a significant caseload.”


The 10-year term has an annual salary of $133,000. The candidate must also be available on nights, weekends and Holidays if a City Court Judge is needed. Binghamton City Court deals with diverse issues including but not limited to code enforcement, all traffic misdemeanors and violations, small claims, commercial claims, evictions, etc. The candidate may also from time to time be required to work in City Court in an adjoining County where conflict of issue may arise. The winner of the election will also be sent to Judge School in January of 2015.


Resumes can be sent to the Mayor's Office at 38 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY 13901 or e-mailed to Information can also be found at