City of Binghamton, New York

Water & Sewer

Department Overview

The City of Binghamton’s Water & Sewer Department currently has 59 employees and this newly updated complex houses offices for:

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Distribution Services
  • Water Meter Services
  • Sewer Collection Services 

Solar Panel Installation at the Water Treatment Plant

The installation of a 49.68 KW solar photovoltaic system at the City's Water Treatment Plant was completed on March 15, 2011.  The first onsite renewable energy generation system for a City building, this project was enabled by a $320,922 federal recovery grant that NYSERDA administered, as well as a $56,635 (15%) match by the City.  The system is expected to save Binghamton taxpayers up to $560,000 over the life of the system and eliminate more than 23 tons of carbon dioxide production annually by reducing the plant’s use on fossil fuels.

Using electricity from onsite generation systems like photovoltaic panels not only reduces our environmental impact, but also creates jobs and strengthens our economy.  The renewable energy industry creates more jobs per megawatt of power installed, per unit of energy produced and per dollar investment, than the fossil fuel based sector. According to the EPA, the solar PV industry creates 22.4 jobs per megawatt, while natural gas in comparison creates 1.1 (EPA Report). This project used US-manufactured photovoltaic panels and is helping to build a more sustainable, vibrant economy for our community and the country.

The energy produced by the solar panels will be tracked on the manufacturer's public website, which will also track the cost and carbon dioxide savings.  The City will continue to install additional onsite renewable energy systems as funding is available.