City of Binghamton, New York

City-Owned Motor Vehicles

Ordinance Part: 
Code of Ordinances Part 1. Administrative Legislation



[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Binghamton 6-1-1981 by Ord. No. 104-81 (Ch. 2, §§ 2-241 through 2-246, of the 1970 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]


Personnel policies -- See Ch. 124.

Vehicles and traffic -- See Ch. 400.


§ 99-1.  Applicability; availability of vehicles to City officers and employees. 

A.         This chapter shall apply to all City-owned motor vehicles. 


B.         City motor pool vehicles shall be made available to officers and employees of the City solely for use in executing the official duties of their positions.   


§ 99-2.  Categories of assignment.

Motor vehicles shall be assigned within the three categories set forth below: 


A.         Twenty-four-hour assignment. Twenty-four-hour assignment of motor pool vehicles shall be made only when official duties require frequent use of a vehicle outside of regular business hours or a particular work shift. 


B.         Designated assignment. Designated assignment of a particular motor vehicle shall be made to officers and employees whose duties require extensive use of a motor vehicle such that it is not practical for them to share a vehicle because of this extensive use or because of the nature of their job. 


C.         Motor pool assignment. Motor pool assignment of vehicles shall be made to permit the sharing of cars by officers and employees whose need for a vehicle is not frequent enough to justify either twenty-four-hour or designated assignment.   


§ 99-3.  Vehicle assignment procedures. 

A.         Twenty-four-hour assignment. 

(1)        Twenty-four-hour assignment shall be made in writing by the Mayor. Requests for such

assignments may be made only by department heads and must be accompanied by a full justification

for such assignment pursuant to the definition set forth above in § 99-2A. The decision of the Mayor

shall be final. 

(2)        In accordance with the nature of the official duties of his or her office, the Mayor shall be entitled to twenty-four-hour assignment of a motor vehicle.   


B.         Designated assignments. Designated assignments shall be made in writing by the Mayor, upon the recommendation of a department head, pursuant to the definition set forth in § 99-2B. The decision of the Mayor shall be final. 


C.         Motor pool assignment. Allocation of motor vehicles to the City motor pool will be determined by the Deputy Commissioner of Public Works who is assigned the responsibility to oversee the motor pool pursuant to rules and regulations approved by the Mayor.    


§ 99-4.  Rules and regulations; supervision of vehicle use. 

A.         The Mayor shall promulgate such written rules and regulations as deemed necessary to comply with the provisions of this chapter. 


B.         Department heads and designated bureau heads shall be responsible for general supervision of the use of City vehicles assigned to officers and employees of each such department or bureau.   


§ 99-5.  Responsibility of individual officers and employees.

Each officer and employee shall be held responsible for a motor vehicle during the period for which it is assigned for his or her use. This responsibility shall include but is not limited to the following: 


A.         Observance of all vehicle and traffic laws, codes, rules or regulations. 


B.         Proper storage and security of the vehicle. 

(1)        Vehicles taken to the employee's place of residence shall be stored in off-street parking

locations whenever possible. 

(2)        Vehicles are to be locked at all times when not in use.   


C.         Employees must maintain accurate trip and mileage records in a manner to be prescribed by the Mayor. 


D.        Employees must report any moving violation while operating a City vehicle. 


E.         Employees must promptly report any accidents or damages while responsible for the vehicle. 


F.         The employee shall promptly pay all fines for moving or parking violations incurred while responsible for said vehicle. 


G.        The employee shall wear a seat belt at all times while operating a motor vehicle. 


H.         The employee shall operate the motor vehicle in a safe and courteous manner. 


I.          All employees shall observe any other safety or special operating rules promulgated by the Mayor, Director of Personnel and Safety or the Deputy Commissioner of Public Works responsible for the motor pool.   


§ 99-6.  Personal use prohibited; out-of-City trips. 

A.         Personal use. Personal use of City-owned vehicles shall be prohibited. 


B.         Out-of-City trips. 

(1)        Within Broome County. City vehicles may be used for official business trips outside of the

City limits within Broome County only with the prior written approval of the responsible department

head, subject to review of the Mayor. 

(2)        Trips beyond Broome County. City vehicles may be used for trips outside of Broome

County only with the prior written approval of the Mayor pursuant to such rules and regulations as

he or she may set forth. 

(3)        Daily report. The Deputy Commissioner of Public Works responsible for the motor pool

shall prepare a daily report of all vehicles authorized to travel outside of the City limits. A copy of

said report shall be posted in the Department of Public Works.