City of Binghamton, New York

Permits and Licenses

Permit/License Namesort ascending Department
Zoning Compliance Letter Request Zoning Administration & Enforcement
Wedding Ceremony Permit City Clerk
Vacant Property Registration Code Enforcement
Transient Retail Merchant Permit City Clerk
Tennis Parks & Recreation
Swimming Programs Parks & Recreation
Summer in the Parks Brochure Parks & Recreation
Summer Fun Parks & Recreation
Street Work Permit Application Engineering
Street Tree Request Parks & Recreation
Stationary Pushcart Permit City Clerk
Sign Permit Application Zoning Administration & Enforcement
Secondhand Dealer Permit City Clerk
Safety Town Parks & Recreation
Request for Legislation Form, Rev. 2009 City Council
Rental Registration City Clerk
Plumber License Information City Clerk
Planning & Zoning Applications Planning Department
Peddler License City Clerk
Pawnbroker Permit City Clerk
Outdoor Storage of Unlicensed Vehicle Permit City Clerk
Outdoor Fireworks & Indoor Pyrotechnics Permit City Clerk
Outdoor Cafe Permit City Clerk
Operating Permit Application and Rapid Entry System for Buildings Fire Department
Offer to Purchase/Donate City Clerk
Noise Permit City Clerk
New York State Liquor License City Clerk
Master Plumber Exam Application Board of Examining Plumbers
Master C Electrician Exam Application Board of Electrical Examiners
Master A Electrician Exam Application Board of Electrical Examiners
Marriage Transcripts & Genealogy Records City Clerk
Marriage License City Clerk
Lifeguard Training Course Parks & Recreation
Karate Parks & Recreation
Journeyman B Electrician Exam Application Board of Electrical Examiners
Journeyman A Electrician Exam Application Board of Electrical Examiners
Internship Application Employment
Fence Permit Application Zoning Administration & Enforcement
Event Permit City Clerk
Employment Application Employment
Dog License City Clerk
Disability Parking Permit City Clerk
Determination of Significance (CAUD) Historic Preservation
Design Review Application (CAUD) Historic Preservation
Design Review - Administrative CoA (CAUD) Historic Preservation
Curb and Sidewalk Assistance Application Engineering
Community Greenspace Water Service Request City Clerk
Civil Service Exam Application Employment
Charitable Solicitor License City Clerk
BP-1 Insurance Form Building Construction
Bowling License City Clerk
Block Party Permit City Clerk
Binghamton Human Rights Commission Intake Form Binghamton Human Rights Commission
Banner Permit City Clerk
Auctioneer License City Clerk
Auction Permit City Clerk
Apply for a Building Permit Building Construction
Application for Access to Public Records (FOIL Request) City Clerk
Alarm User Permit City Clerk
Address Change Form Assessment
2019 City Council Calendar & Committee Assignments City Council