City of Binghamton, New York

Sign Permit Application

The City of Binghamton Municipal Code of Ordinances, § 410-60,  states that " Except as expressly provided herein, no sign shall be erected, enlarged, altered or relocated unless an application for a sign permit evidencing the compliance of such work with the provisions of this section and other applicable provisions of this chapter shall have first been issued by the Supervisor of Building and Construction or their designee. 1. A sign permit shall be required whenever there is any change in the structural form or sign face of any preexisting sign regardless of whether there is a change in ownership of the sign or the premises on which it is located.  2. Routine sign maintenance or changing of parts designed to be changed shall not be considered an alteration requiring a sign permit."

The application of Sign Permits is administered by the Zoning Officer in the Plannin Department.  The Zoning Officer will address any questions or comments about permit requirements, the application process, or compliance enforcement.