City of Binghamton, New York

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance and Code Compliance

The Code Enforcement is a group of Code Officers and Code Inspectors who are responsible for enforcing New York State and local municipal codes that govern the maintenance of property and structures.

Code officials respond to complaints and provide enforcement services, in relation to the exterior and interior condition of buildings. This work includes periodic inspections of structures and occupancies for compliance with life safety and property maintenance regulations.

How many smoke detectors are required in my apartment?

At least one WORKING detector is required in every sleeping area of each living unit, in each room for sleeping purposes, in each story within a dwelling unit, including basements and cellars.  In addition, a multi-story apartment building is required to have one WORKING detector at each landing level of staircases.  Further details available in the Code of Ordinances and the NY State Property Maintenance code.

How should I file a complaint with Code Enforcement?

The proper way to file a complaint with Code is to call the Code Office at 772-7010 or use the Online Request a Service.  The Complaint Tracking System is a Database that requires certain information and assigns a Tracking number to this specific complaint.  Your name and phone number will be part of the electronic file, but it will remain strictly confidential.  If the Inspector requires clarification or additional information, direct contact with the complainant is required.  If the current status of your complaint

Do we need a certificate of compliance in order to live in our apartment?

No. However, periodic inspection of residential rental property is required under the Code of Ordinances, §265-6. "Registration of rental housing units" A tenant or prospective tenant may request a Life Safety and Property Maintenance inspection to determine whether existing conditions within a residential occupancy are in general conformance with applicable codes. Request inspection by calling the Supervisor of Code Enforcement, (607) 772-7004.


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