City of Binghamton, New York

Board of Contract & Supply


A.  Except as otherwise provided by law, it shall be the duty of the Board of Contract and Supply, after public notice and in accordance with regulations prescribed by general ordinance of the City Council, to award to the lowest responsible bidder, who will give adequate security therefore, all contracts for public work involving an expenditure of more than $20,000 and all purchase contracts involving an expenditure of more than $10,000.

B.  Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection A of this section, in the case of a public emergency arising out of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances affecting public buildings, public property or the life, health, safety or property of the inhabitants of the City of Binghamton therein, or any public property requiring immediate action which cannot wait competitive bidding, contracts of public work or the purchase of supplies, materials or equipment may be let by the appropriate officer of board without a letting by contract and filing with the Board of Contract and Supply a certificate setting forth the reasons of said emergency.

C.  Upon the adoption of an ordinance by a vote of at least 4/5 of all the members of City Council therein stating that, for reasons of efficiency or economy, there is need for standardization, purchase contracts for a particular type or kind of equipment, materials or supplies of more than $10,000 may be awarded by the Board of Contract and Supply to the lowest responsible bidder furnishing the required security after advertisement of sealed bids therefor in the manner provided in this section.

D. In accordance with Chapter 18, Article III of the Code of the City of Binghamton, the Board of Contract & Supply is composed of the Mayor, Comptroller, Commissioner of Public Works, Corporation Counsel and City Engineer. The Mayor acts as Chair and the City's Purchasing Agent serves as the Board Secretary.

Members Appointed Expiration Appointed By
Richard C. David, Mayor (Ex-Officio) 01/01/2014 12/31/2021 City Charter & Code
John Paddock, Commissioner of Public Works (Ex-Officio) 11/18/2019 12/31/2021 City Charter & Code
Kenneth Frank, Corporation Counsel (Ex-Officio) 03/27/2006 12/31/2021 City Charter & Code
Ronald Lke, City Engineer (Ex-Officio) 05/03/2021 12/31/2021 City Charter & Code
Chuck Shager, Comptroller (Ex-Officio) 06/02/2014 12/31/2021 City Charter & Code