City of Binghamton, New York

City Clerk

Wedding Ceremony Permit

The issuance of a Wedding Ceremony Permit may allow for the reserved use of a designated area or portion of City property for a Wedding Ceremony only. 

Rental Registration


The Council of the City of Binghamton adopted Permanent Ordinance 13-27 on April 17, 2013, entitled An Ordinance amending Chapter 265-6, Rental Registration. Through this program, the City can ensure that all residential rental properties are safe, habitable and compliant with Building Code regulations.

The owners of all rental properties must register, with the following exceptions:

Community Greenspace Water Service Request

This application is to obtain water service at community greenspaces that are on City-owned lots, or lots owned by a non-profit. The Applicant must demonstrate that the community garden has an open, transparent process in place to allow all residents to fairly and equitably apply for a plot.

Offer to Purchase/Donate

To purchase City-owned property, the applicant must formally submit an Offer to Purchase to the Office of the Mayor. The Mayor's Office forwards all Offers to the following departments:

Plumber License Information

Plumbers wishing to conduct their business within the City of Binghamton must hold a current license issued by this municipality. Plumbers who have received a Certificate of Competency from the Examining Board of Plumbers are eligible to receive licenses. For more information on the qualifying examination, or to obtain a copy of your Certificate, please contact the Office of Building, Construction, Zoning and Code Enforcement.

Banner Permit

The issuance of a Banner Permit shall allow for the placement of a banner over and across a public highway. Note that the placement of such banners across public highways shall be completed by the City of Binghamton upon issuance of a permit.

For information on available banner locations, please contact the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Dog License

License Requirements

All dogs in New York State must be licensed at four (4) months of age, and must be renewed on an annual basis. Each licensed dog is issued a metal identification tag which must be attached to the dog collar.

To license a dog, the owner must visit the City Clerk’s Office and provide the following information:


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