City of Binghamton, New York

City Clerk

Block Party Permit

The issuance of a Block Party Permit shall allow for the closure of one or more City streets in residential districts for the purpose of hosting a social gathering intended to serve the residents of the street(s). Block parties shall be limited to one (1) day in length, and shall not include the provision of City services which would otherwise require an Event Permit.

In order to receive the Security Deposit back, please complete the asterisk marked spots on the claim for payment, mail it in with your application, and a stamped, self addressed envelope. Thank you.

Alarm User Permit

Alarm License Requirements

If you wish to use a fire or police alarm, or a system of alarm devices, you must obtain a license from the City Clerk. A license needs to be obtained each time a device is installed or modified, but does not require renewal. 

License Fees

There is $10 fee for an Alarm License, but fines may be assessed for avoidable alarms. All avoidable alarms are recorded and attached to your license.




The Binghamton Human Rights Commisison was established by the adoption of Permanent Local Law 11-3 on December 7, 2011.


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