City of Binghamton, New York

City Clerk

Is this where you go to get married?

Yes, you can both obtain a marriage license and get married in the Binghamton City Clerk's Office. The City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk can perform marriage ceremonies at City Hall during regular business hours for a fee of $50. Alternatively, you may request a marriage ceremony outside of regular business hours anywhere in the City of Binghamton for a fee of $75. 

City Clerk

Department Overview

The City Clerk’s Office, located on the first floor of City Hall, is the primary licensing agency for the City of Binghamton. Through this office, individuals may obtain City-specific permits and licenses related to living, working and playing in our municipality. In addition, the City Clerk's Office acts as the licensing agency for various licenses and certifications offered by New York State Department of Health, the Department of Agriculture & Markets, and the Office of the State Comptroller's Bingo Division.


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