City of Binghamton, New York


Department Overview

The Finance Department is comprised of the Office of Comptroller, Treasurer, Assessment, Data Processing and Purchasing.

The departmental staff have prioritized transparency and accountability with regards to financial management, and a major ongoing reform initiative--involving a comprehensive overhaul of the City's information systems--will achieve multiple benefits and uphold the Mayor's commitment to open, responsible government.

Documents posted on the right include Annual Reports, Audits, and Adopted Budgets. We will be adding a page to this site soon that provides more details about the implementation of MUNIS, an enterprise financial software. The software has replaced a nearly 30 year-old data processor, dramatically transforming all operations in City Hall - improving productivity, increasing efficiency, and enhancing transparency and accountability.

Office Of The Comptroller

The Comptroller is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the City, and in this respect is responsible for:

  • Auditing and payment of vouchers to assure fiscal integrity and compliance with law and City policy
  • Managing cash to assure maximum return and safety of invested funds
  • Arranging bonds and notes to provide funding for capital projects
  • The processing of payrolls of all City departments, and overseeing employee benefits and the City's entire insurance program
  • Overseeing all accounting and budget preparation for the City
  • Preparing the Annual Financial Report