City of Binghamton, New York

Planning Department


Clean Energy Communities 50/50 NYSERDA Grant 2018

The City of Binghamton's Clean Energy Community Grant Program (CECGP), made possible by funding NYSERDA, was created to help homeowners and business owners with energy conservation and production projects that contribute to the City’s GHG initiatives by using less energy, producing clean energy, and reducing carbon emissions.

UPDATE: Applications are being accepted from residents, businesses, and city employees and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Remaining funding is limited.

UPDATE 12/29/20: Grant funds have been fully expended, this funding opportunity is now closed. For additional information, please contact Juliet Berling, Director of Planning, at (607)772-7028

Department Overview

The Planning Department is committed to achieving quality development consistent with local plans and regulations, as well as state and federal laws. The department plays a key role facilitating communication between departments, coordinating policy and investment decisions to maximize positive impact, assisting other departments with grant development and project management, and working closely with residents, community groups, the private sector, and all levels of governments on shared goals to achieve a more sustainable and livable community.

The department provides a broad range of services to City residents, property owners, business owners, developers, elected officials, and other City departments. Among the services offered are: site plan review; neighborhood planning; long-range planning; historic preservation; environmental planning and climate change; community design and amenity/quality of life; information management (i.e., mapping); grants development and administration; and zoning administration, compliance, and enforcement. For information on how we can assist with your project development, please visit our Development Review Services page.

There are three divisions within the Planning Department: the Planning Division, the Historic Preservation Division, and the Zoning Administration & Enforcement Division.

Boards and Commissions

Planning staff serve as advisors to the citizens that make up the follwing boards and commisions:

Preferred Sustainability Status (PSS)

The City's 2014 Comprehensive plan, Blueprint Binghamton, was funded by a $500,000 grant award from the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities. By securing this award, the city has been designated a “Preferred Sustainability Status” (PSS) community by the federal partnership (HUD-DOT-EPA). Among other things, this exclusive designation can earn the city and our partners additional points when submitting applications to certain federal grant programs.To learn more about PSS communities, of which there are only about 90 nationwide, please visit HUD's website.

If you are preparing an application to a federal agency—specifically HUD, EPA, or DOT—we may be able to certify that your project is consistent with our PSS guidelines and make you eligible for these additional points. Please complete the city’s PSS Certification Form and submit to the Planning Department.