City of Binghamton, New York

Sanitation Division

What should I do if my Monday collection of yard waste is not picked up on that day?

Occasionally, if yard waste is particularly heavy, our crews are sometimes not able to complete the entire Citywide route on a given Monday.  If this occurs, please keep your yard waste at curbside, and our crews will collect it on Tuesday.  If for some reason it is still not collected by 4:00 PM Tuesday, please contact DPW Dispatch at (607) 772-7020.

Refuse Collection

The Sanitation Division is responsible for collecting refuse from curbsides and, public receptacles throughout the city and disposing of it in accordance with applicable law and regulation. Refuse may include garbage, trash, recyclables, yard waste, and large metal white goods. Please see the information below on what day your refuse is collected, how holidays may affect collection, the rules for placing refuse out for collection, what is allowed and prohibited for collection, and additional information.

What is considered "yard waste" and what day is it collected?

Yard waste includes any and all parts of trees (including Christmas trees), shrubbery, grass, flowers, and similar organic waste.  Soil and stone are not considered yard waste, and are not collected.  Branches must be less than four (4) feet in length, less than four (4) inches in diameter, and must be bundled with string, twine or rope (no wire please).   The maximum weight for bundles is 50 pounds.

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