City of Binghamton, New York

Offer to Purchase/Donate

To purchase City-owned property, the applicant must formally submit an Offer to Purchase to the Office of the Mayor. The Mayor's Office forwards all Offers to the following departments:

  • Office of Building, Construction, Zoning and Code Enforcement. This Office compiles information pertaining to code violations which may have occurred at the property in question, or at any properties which the applicant may own in the City of Binghamton. 
  • Office of the Assessor. The City Assessor reviews the proposed purchase price, and determines whether the offer is in line with the value of the property, given the proposed use. 
  • Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development. This department reviews the proposed use of the property in question, and determines if it is consistent with zoning regulations and if the sale would favorably impact the character and development of the neighborhood. 

Such recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Estimate and Apportionment for review. The Board makes the initial determination of approval or denial. If the Offer is approved, all sales of City-owned property must then be formally approved by the Council of the City of Binghamton through the adoption of legislation. After such legislation is adopted, the deed transfer may commence.