City of Binghamton, New York

Rental Registration


The Council of the City of Binghamton adopted Permanent Ordinance 13-27 on April 17, 2013, entitled An Ordinance amending Chapter 265-6, Rental Registration. Through this program, the City can ensure that all residential rental properties are safe, habitable and compliant with Building Code regulations.

The owners of all rental properties must register, with the following exceptions:

  1. Two-family homes where one unit is owner-occupied;
  2. When the owner is the federal government, New York State, Broome County, or the City of Binghamton;
  3. Any mortgagee in a foreclosure proceeding pending sale, unless the mortgagee is collecting rent for the rental unit(s); and
  4. Vacant properties registered with the Office of Building Construction, Zoning & Code Enforcement

The program will first be launched in an area known as the "Urban Village Overlay District". Between May 1, 2013 and September 30, 2013, all eligible rental property owners with rental properties in the Urban Village Overlay District must register their rental properties. To determine if your rental property is located within the Urban Village Overlay District, please consult the following map:

View Urban Village Overlay District in a larger map

Effective January 1, 2014, Rental Registration will be implemented throughout the City of Binghamton. Check back later for more information on registering a rental property outside of the Urban Village Overlay District.

Registration Process

Rental property owners must submit separate Rental Registration Applications for each eligible rental property. This application requests information such as the number of rental units at the property, number of bathrooms, and number of bedrooms. In addition, the application requests the contact information of the property owner, and of the local authorized representative (i.e. property manager), if applicable.

The application fee is $50 for up to two (2) rental units. Each additional rental unit is $25. This fee is nonrefundable. Payment can be made by cash, money order, or local bank check, payable to "City of Binghamton".

Rental Registration Applications may be submitted to the City Clerk's Office. You will receive a Record of Rental Registration by mail, confirming that the property in question has been registered with the City of Binghamton. This Record of Rental Registration must be posted in a common area at the property. 


After registering your rental property, the Office of Building Construction, Zoning & Code Enforcement will contact you in order to schedule an inspection of the property. The inspection will include all tenant and public space. If your property meets all of the inspection requirements, you will be issued a Certificate of Compliance.